Thigh-High Favorites

My favorite trend for the fall season 2016 year, is thigh highs. Nothing is sexier than a nice pair of thigh high boots with skin tight jeans or a mini dress.

Here are my favorites for the season:


Stuart Weitzman || LeggyLady || $798


Jeffrey Campbell || Cienega || $210


Jeffrey Campbell || Blinded || SOLD OUT


Steve Madden|| Gorgeous || $150




Sam Edelman || Bernadette || $300


Public Desire || Sidney || $65


SCHUTZ || Triele || $460


Alice + Olivia || Halle || $625


Mona Cristo

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Pretty in Pastel







If I could paint the world, I would paint it in pastels. I cannot express my love for the beautiful, sweet array of colors which are pastels. Since I am tan with dark hair, pastels are my friends with their sweet, warm colors.

I recently took a MUCH needed trip. The beach was my first destination of choice. I really needed to enjoy some cool, salty breezes whilst feeling the sand between my toes as I sat watching the sunset.

I hadn’t been to a good beach in a long time, so i didn’t just want to go and have fun in just  a bikini, I wanted to feel special and romantic for the evening! So of course I threw on just the perfect outfit as if it were predestined for this night. I slipped on the Yours Truly lavender maxi dress from Showpo. It’s beYOND comfortable, and is totally sexy! What I admire most about the dress is the sexy high-slit drag which reveals a lot of thigh; similar to the style Bella Hadid rocked at the Cannes Film Festival. The gorgeous pastel lavender color makes it the perfect summer beach-evening dress with the way it flows flawlessly in the sunset and moonlit wind.

With this particular outfit, you cannot go wrong with a little Kendra Scott. Kendra has got to be one of my favorite jewelry designers with her mindful and chic style of jewels she integrates into her pieces that add such a fierce statement.

M x

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Better than One



-Two pieces are better than one-

Faviana NY, a top designer gown brand with pieces & designs that can be seen on prestigious events such as Miss Universe, Miss America, and the Red Carpet.

My beautiful two-piece gown, shown above, is indeed one of the masterpieces of Faviana. Now it does come in an array of colours, but as I’ve stated before, red is the such a beautiful colour to be wearing. It makes everything about you so vibrant and dominant. So, yes, I was definitely turning heads as usual😉

The Top of the gown styles a beaded detailing to accentuate a sweetheart neck appearance, and for anyone who has great cleavage, it acts a a beautiful cage for your little wonders, haha!

The Mid section of the gown allows the wearer to be enhanced with jewels all around their waist side. The jersey-like fabric of the dress allowed it hug my curves, while helping me to stay comfortable and sway around with ease, which I absolutely LOVED!

The Bottom continues the beautiful mid sectioned jeweled area that makes an allowance of your mid torso to shine through. Killer abs? great tan? cute tummy? All that can be seen when wearing this dress, but in a very moderately sexy way. So sexy that the train that gently cuddles up against the butt, makes it seem more than its already worth😉

Fitted clothing has so much to do with confidence for me as a smaller lady. I’m thinner and petite, so a lot of clothing I come across at times can be baggier and make it seem like my body has nothing to offer. But with a dress like this, I’m able to feel more comfortable and confident with how my body looks.


Whether you want to make a statement or show off your killer abs this dress is the one for you. Since the dress was full of jewels I kept it simple with stone earrings.

You can find this lovely gown here or similar two piece styles here!



Mona Cristo

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Gown|| La Femme ||Earrings|| Isharya

Feeling like Royalty.

Gigi by La Femme gown, courtesy of edressme.
Edressme is one of my Top 10 favorite online boutiques that sell stunning designer gowns- or should I say Specialize? This amazing site is perfect for any of you ladies hoping to go to prom, a formal, wedding, pageant or any other special occasion to be the look of the night.
Edressme  doesn’t just have their monumentally large range of premium looking gown choices, but also have a broad range of prices. Some of us need to look for something beautiful on a small budget, and some of us are looking to go all out and break the budget, and I promise you that you will find the dress of your dreams at edressme that fits that exact budget!
Lol, alright, I’m not going to lie, but I  did sort of refer to myself as princess and/ or goddess a couple times whilst wearing this baby. I’ve always been one to admire Roman Culture or Greek Mythology and this dress reminds me so much of them both! As I wore the dress I felt like I was a jewel among stones… LITERALLY. Haha, the labyrinth I visited here in my home town of Tallahassee, Florida to take the pictures didn’t help much with making me change my mind on it either! The dress does look beautiful in pictures, yes, but trust me when I say they do not do it justice! In person it’s even more jaw-dropping. Every girl MUST have this for when those extra special occasions happen.
 The enchanting dress has a plunging V-neckline and it will completely compliment your collarbones while the bodice stays open to tease your back. It is completely adorned with a legion of jewels. The colors of the gown go perfectly together and the sequins definitely put this beauty on a entirely different plane of existence. Simply marvelous, as would Audrey Hepburn say.
Comfort is nothing to worry about with the soft padding in the cups.
For accessories, I kept it simple like usual. Since the the top of the gown is the main showstopper, I just wore Ishyara earrings.
For shoes, I wore Nude peep toe heels.
Mona Cristo
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Le Salty Label





Top||Le Salty Label ||Jeans|| Rich & Skinny||Booties|| Marc Fischer Footwear

Let’s talk shoulders.

I absolutely LOVE showing off my shoulders. I work them out so why not let people know, right? But, I can’t just walk around in a tank top all day, that’s too homely and unkempt. To show off our shoulders us girls need off the shoulder tops and shirts and dresses and whatever the heck else we can get our hands on to look cute and flirty in!

In my wardrobe I have a section just for my coy shoulder-less wears, and among the many have this springtime and summer ready, long sleeve top that you see me wearing above😍  Le Salty Label, is hands down, one of the cutest Australian online clothing stores I’ve had the pleasure of working with. You’ve probably seen their pieces being sold on Revole and Taylor Ashley. So, yes, they’re,a pretty big deal.  Le Salty Label has me going absolutely crazy with their designs! Freaking BOHEMIAN chic! Legit my favorite approach to fashion! The design is where the focus is, so for this look, I simply styled with a pair of Rich & Skinny dark wash jeans and brown leather booties from Marc Fischer.



Mona Cristo

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Nadine Merabi Gown || Daniel Wellington

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”-Coco Chanel

Classy and fabulous is exactly how I felt in my floor length red gown from Nadine Merabi. In case you haven’t heard of Miss Merabi, she’s a renowned British luxury dress designer who is one of the fastest growing names in the fashion industry. Celebrities like Michelle Keegan and the beautiful Sammy Winward have been seen on on the red carpet showing off her work.

I had the honor of being adorned in a Nadine Merabi gown and it brought on this feeling of astonishment, as if I were the most important woman there could ever be. It felt breathtaking. The gown I had the pleasure of wearing was the Dina Red Statement dress-and the name fits, ladies… I’m not sure if it was the Red dress effect or how the dress looked as if it could have been candle wax dripping down my body’s curves, but I DEFINITELY noticed this gown had turned some heads as my boyfriend and I took a walk on the beach. The Boat neck is so modish it kills me. Because the dress is so elegantly complimenting, it seemed as if it were fitted specifically for me. The plunging cut-out back drew attention to the beautiful skirt melting off the dress. Since this dress is so perfectly fitted, it also adds a nice stretch for comfort.

I kept the outfit simple by styling it with my Daniel Wellington Classy York watch in color Rose Gold size 26 mm.


Mona Cristo


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My Guilty Pleasure


Living in Florida summertime doesn’t come seasonally… We practically have it 10 out of the 12 months in the whole year. There’s mostly a need to want to find a way to refresh yourself in the humidity and heat. Especially with cold treats because they’ll feel like a piece of heaven. Not all cold treats are that good for you though which is totally a let down because it’s hard to find tasty, lower carbs, lower fats, and chilled delights in the freezer. Being someone who advocates a healthier lifestyle, I always look for tasty food that can replace the unhealthier foods.

Budget Saver. ever heard of ’em? They’re one of the country’s top distributors for delicious ice pops. While their Popsicle’s are pretty dang delectable, they also make a healthy treat- And it’s one that I approve of!

Drum roll please… FruGals. By far the best (and personal favorite) Strawberry fruit bar frozen treat. The first time I purchased the pops i had no trouble finding them in the store because of their bright, dark pink color that just completely mimicked an actually strawberry. I tasted the pop and again- STRAWBERRY! Not just a strawberry though, its like a strawberry smoothie to me! I’m astonished at how “real” the strawberry taste was. I had never tasted a Popsicle so spot-on delicious and fruity. I’m still snacking away at that big bag of em for such a great price. Needless to say, the FruGals pops became my new favorite treat and I hope everyone goes out to try them.


Mona Cristo 


Betsy & Adam Lace Gown





Betsy & Adam Gown || Guess Earrings

There’s something about gowns which automatically make a girl feel like princess in a magical fairy-tale. To be quite frank with you, if you happen to look in my closet you’ll see tons of gowns just showing how obsessed I am with that feeling. I have a wide array of gowns in numerous different colors and adding this beauty to the collection helps to set my future standards. Everyone’s addicted to something, but at least my addiction can’t kill me;)

Recently, I partnered up with Macy’s for a prom collaboration. While I’m a bit too old for prom, I was more than honored to model the gown for my younger followers who will be in dyer need of something complimenting on the body while still showing how classy us girls can be. The dress Macy’s gave to me was a floor length Betsy & Adam Lace Mesh Gown. The material was very form fitting and complemented my petite figure nicely. One thing I loved about the lace outlining on the sides was how sexier it made the dress feel while wearing it. The V-Neckline is moderate and appropriate for any occasion. For accessories, I kept it simple with black and gold tear drop Guess earrings. I didn’t want to over accessorize because the white lace is the main attraction of the dress.

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Mona Cristo

The Game Changer…AskWhich1

It’s time to introduce the new game changing app which transforms the entire world of social polling.  You’re probably wondering in what category is this app in that causes the entire game to shift, and the answer is it’s in any and every category you want. Ever head of social polling? It’s where you simply ask a network of people what they’re ideas and opinions are on a specific thing. Now what’s the big deal with asking people what they’re opinions are on something? Well, sorry to break it to you, but not only is having others opinions on your ideas and style a desire for practically anyone, but it’s also pretty addicting. Thanks to a new team of entrepreneurs, there’s finally a surveying site which can be accessible anywhere right at your finger tips. Plus, there’s no glitches or fees. Goodbye SurveyMonkey, your unattractive website is no longer needed. Hello easy polls.

Drum roll ladies and gentlemen… the app is called AskWhich1. The most innovative social polling app that allows you to know exactly what people are thinking. Any question you’ve ever needed honestly answered is given honest votes from friends or users from all around the world. This app is the solution to daily problems and dilemmas such as what outfit should I wear, where should I go on holidays, where should I eat, what movie should I watch, and any other question that you may ask yourself and where you’d need advice for.

Being a blogger isn’t always so simple. There’s always an inner battle telling me what I should discuss on my next post. I care about my followers’ opinions so much, and giving you guys what you want is something I want to do, and I definitely know I’m not the only one.

Thanks to AskWhich1, my long nights of post perfecting will come near to an end! As a new user on this app, I suggest to all my readers that you go and download this free social app and follow me on there! You guys can finally be apart of the process and give me feedback on what my future posts should be about, what cute outfits I where when I go out on the town, where I should go for brunch, and maybe where my next big adventure should be! I finally can use something that connects me even more to my social network of fans even more. Not only will my postings be more reader friendly, but it will help me to define what type of following I have that I should focus on when I write. Happy Polls!

Until next time.


Mona Cristo

Maroon & Black








Dress || Tobi || Shoes|| Steve Madden || Purse || Kenneth Cole || Watch || Michael Kors

Maroon and black

The two colors I adore to look at.

Together, they make a delightful combination that’s easy on the eyes. During this last winter season, I purchased these  Steve Madden boots because they make your legs look longer, and they’re just gorgeous on anyone. Living in Florida is great, i love the weather year round, but it rarely gets cold enough to wear these beautiful boots. As any fashionista would, I have to compromise and figure out a way to wear it’s worth!

That adorable maroon dress I’m wearing is from the famous In case you dont know, this is every college girls favorite site. This Shirt dress is one of the most comfy dresses I own. It was love at first wear. Being 5’4 I have to usually search really hard to find shirt dresses which don’t go down to my knees. It almost feels like dresses nowadays are made for runway models 5’9 and taller, leaving us short girls stuck on hemming them up! When I saw how this dress came mid-thigh, I was ecstatic. Like i said before, its hard for me to find these types of dresses! Don’t get me wrong, I love longer dresses, but since I’m trying to style my thigh-highs in Florida’s warmth, I can’t wear a dress that’s covering my cute knees. I threw on a black jacket I purchased from a local Tallahassee boutique and I kept the accessories simple by wearing a classic gold Michael Kors runway watch and carrying a black and white Kenneth Cole bag. Take that you sunny and 75 spring days😉


Mona Cristo